Assessment of CIPN

An issue in understanding CIPN is that of accurately measuring the severity of its symptoms. Tools that are commonly used to assess CIPN symptoms may not be sensitive enough to capture the full extent of symptoms that a patient is experiencing. This can lead to inadequate consideration of these symptoms during chemotherapy treatment.

As part of our research program, we are reviewing current assessment strategies, with the aim of identifying the best measures for sensitively assessing CIPN. A working group composed of experts including researchers, clinicians, oncology nurses and support staff will review existing assessments and identify the strongest measures. From these, a tailored CIPN assessment package will be developed.

computer from pixabay.xom

The working group will also prepare training materials and guides to facilitate the use of the developed assessment package in hospitals and clinical settings, as well as clinical guidelines to encourage the use of effective CIPN assessments Australia-wide. Overall, we aim to develop and promote effective and sensitive CIPN assessment strategies.