Exercise Training

People who experience chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) sometimes have problems with their balance. They may find that they have difficulty sensing the ground with their feet when walking, and sometimes find themselves tripping or stumbling.

We are currently running a research study of exercise rehabilitation for people with CIPN. We aim to investigate the effects of exercise on CIPN symptoms and general well-being, as well as looking at the effectiveness of at home exercise compared to supervised exercise in the clinic.

This program is tailored to the individual fitness level of each participant, and sessions take place under the supervision of exercise physiologists. Participants will complete either:

a. an eight week clinic program involving three supervised exercise sessions per week; or
b. a home exercise program prescribed and instructed by an exercise physiologist, including two telephone consultations.

physiotherapy from pixabay.com

In order to take part, you must have completed chemotherapy and have symptoms of CIPN. Please get in touch with us to discuss whether our program is right for you.