Risk factors study

In order to prevent the development of CIPN, better methods of identifying those who are at risk of developing this condition are needed. We are currently conducting a study of patients who are receiving chemotherapy, that aims to identify risk-factors that will enable accurate and early prediction of the likelihood of developing CIPN in the long-term.

dna from pixabay.com

Participants are assessed before they receive chemotherapy, during chemotherapy treatment, and at the end of their chemotherapy. They are then followed up after finishing treatment. At each point in time, they are assessed for symptoms of CIPN. We also collect information on possible risk factors for CIPN, including pre-existing symptoms, diagnosis of diabetes, age, experience of CIPN symptoms during chemotherapy treatment, and genetic factors that may increase the likelihood of developing CIPN. Linking the experience of CIPN with the presence of these possible predictors, we aim to identify the earliest signs of likelihood of developing CIPN, as well as signs that indicate a risk of developing severe CIPN.

Risk factors are also being assessed in children who have received chemotherapy. In this study, participants are followed up and assessed after completing chemotherapy treatment. The study aims to identify predictors of future CIPN.